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"Doing Heaven's Work and Control" Gun
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First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 327–B
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  The 'Doing Heaven's Work and Control' Gun is an item used in the Keroro Gunso anime.


'When Shot with this gun, you will enter hyper speed mode. One second can be a week long.' - Kururu 

Natsumi and Keroro demonstrating the gun's effects.

When used, the person shot will enter hyperspeed mode. It will basically make that person go so fast that everything around them will seem extremely slow. According to Kururu, they can go into a situation when it takes one week for the user to go through one second of real time. 

An example that Tamama has made is that the time it takes for Pekoponians to make gasp, he can eat one week's worth of junk food. They plan to use it so they can invade Pekopon without the Pekoponians knowing what just happened. The major downside to this weapon is that EVERYTHING will be completely stuck, except for the items shot by the ray directly, because it would take about a second to use them and since one second in real time equals one week in hyperspeed, it became a huge problem.


  • It's name, effect and sharp are all references to Kamen Rider Kabuto The name is a reference to the show's protagonist, Souji Tendou , catchphrase: "Ore wa ten no michi wo ikisubete o tsukasadoru otoko!"(I'm the man who walk in the heavens' path to rule everything.) The effect is like the Clock Up power who all Riders in the show have in their Rider From, most precisely the Hyper Clock Up veriation of Kabuto's Hyper Form who praticaly stops the time. And the sharp is close with Kabuto's Signature Weapon Kabuto Kunai-Gun in it's Gun Form.