First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 11
Voiced by Bin Shimada (Japanese)
Chris Ayres (Funimation)
Gender Male
Species / Type Alien
Occupation TV Show Host
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3M (3 meters) (3M(サンメートル) 3M (San Mētoru)) is a co-host of a popular intergalactic TV show alongside R Gray. He is known more for the one serving as his impostor than the actual 3M.

Character Edit


3M has piercing yellow eyes and a red face. He wears a black cap with a sleeveless cloak, revealing his arms resembling that of a human's. He seems to be taller than the average human. He appears to be based off of the Flatwoods Monster.


Dubbed "Mr. Accident", 3M is rather dimwitted and prone to mistakes of various kinds. The impostor oftentimes uses his fingers to showcase his level of delight or the intensity of a subject via measurements.


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