556 artwork
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 24
Voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese)
John Swasey (Funimation)
Anselmo Herrero (Spain)
Leung Chi Tak (Hong Kong)
Wordplay name 556
Aliases Kogoro
Age 19-20 (Estimate)
Gender Male
Species / Type Alien Humanoid, Robot (Anokoro Keroro Gunso Only)
Occupation Space detective (Space Deputy in Sgt. Frog (Funimation)
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556 (pronounced Kogoro) (556(コゴロー) Kogorō) is a space detective (宇宙探偵 uchuu tantei) in the series Keroro Gunso.


556 seems to be always energetic, but only his younger sister Lavie can actually read the (usually hidden) feelings of 556 despite his smile and laughter. He is likely a parody of the character Gavan from the Metal Heroes series "Space Sheriff Gavan". It only takes him a splitsecond (0.003 seconds in the anime) to transform with his suit using adhesion. Also, he likes colored boxes.

556 is also the leader of Team 556 and appeared as a card in Anokoro Keroro Gunso.


556 is indistinguishable from a human. He is brown haired. His appearance and mannerisms are a parody of Kenji Ohba, the star of the tokusatsu series Space Sheriff Gavan.



  • Height - 177 cm
  • Weight - 77 kg

Abilities Edit

  • Laser Sword (Reza shinai)
  • 556 Organic (556 oganiku)


  • In his first appearance 556 was less energetic.
  • 556 laughs when he is mostly observed in Season 1 of Keroro Gunso and when he fails his part time job. 
  • One time he was the robot leader of a group called Team 556.
    • Why he was changed to a robot is unknown, but it is possible that he may actually still be human due to the fact that 556's robot's head is actually his space detective mask.
  • 556 is a reference to Uchuu Keiji Gavan, a tokusatsu superhero series from the 1980s and the first entry of the Metal Heroes franchise.
    • His laser sword and 556 Organic are a parody of the Laser Blade and Gavan's finisher, the Gavan Dynamic sword slash.


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