Al K-6000
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 260
Gender Artificial Female
Species / Type Keronian Robot
Occupation Former Keronian Platoon Guide
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AI K-6000 is a character in Keroro Gunso that is only shown in the Kero Zero episodes.


K-6000 is a computer ( artificial intelligence keronian) that was the main computer on the Keroro Platoon's ship, whom can sometimes stand on two robotic legs, but this takes up a lot of battery power doing so and she needs to be picked up and carried (Preferably by Tamama). She tells the Keroro Platoon what they need to do, and her dream has always been to explore unknown planets and galaxies. In episode 290 she uses a computer planet to leave and explore through space.


K-6000 is a gary robot. She also has a dark green Keronian face, she can sometimes form gray robotic legs.


  • Tamama - Tamama first thought she was "annoying", "boring", and an "old fart", but when he saw that K-6000 loved pretty things and could be emotional they somehow became good friends. When Tamama wanted to take over Pekopon, he wanted to take it over with her. K-6000 likes Tamama a lot, only allowing him to carry her and no one else.


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