Akibot is pfretty big
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 44–B
Wordplay name AK966
Aliases Akibot966, Autumn H, Aki Hellraiser
Gender Feminine Programming
Species / Type Robot
Occupation Weapon
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AK966 (エーケーナインダブルシックス Ee Kee Nain Daburu Shikkusu, pronounced as "AK9 Double 6"), known as Akibot 966 in the Funimation dub, and called Autumn H (オータムH Ootamu Eichi, Aki Hellraiser in the Funimation dub) by Aki Hinata, is a robot based on Aki, made by Kururu. Its name comes from the first two letters of Aki's name and Kururu's wordplay name, since Ku can mean nine, while ru can mean six in Japanese (In the Funimation dub, the number stands for the number of planets Kururu intends to destroy).


In Episode 44 B, after Kururu distracted Keroro Platoons and the Hinata siblings, he challenged a newly arrived Aki from her office in a battle in their mechas to determine the strongest lifeforms. Witnessing her robot, Aki rode her motorcycle and entered into it's ponytail which placed her inside a docking bay. With Kururu in his Kururu Robo, both of them battled each others. However, since AK966 is still in the prototype stage, it started to move on its own and attack Kururu Robo. In the end, she managed to locate the shutdown button and shut the robot, resulting both her and Kururu Robo damaged. Nonetheless, an escape pod was released from AK966's head which brought Aki and Kururu home.

In Episode 103, AK966 was one of the five robots autopiloted by Kururu in an assault against Tororo's hideout during Garuru Platoon's invasion.


Akibot is a very strong, and flexible robot, being able to remove most of body-parts.

  • Autumn Punch (オータムパンチ Ootamu Panchi): This move is called Aki Hellraiser Power Fists in the Funimation dub.
  • Autumn Hurricane (オータムハリケーン Ootamu Harikeen): This move is called Aki Hellraiser Hurricane in the Funiamtion dub.
  • Autumn Beam (オータムビーム Ootamu Biimu): This move is called Hellraiser Beam Blast in the Funimation dub.
  • Autumn Crusher (オータムクラッシャー Ootamu Kurasshaa): This move is called Aki Hellraiser Ball Crush in the Funimation dub.
  • Autumn Arrow (オータムアロー Ootamu Aroo):
  • Autumn Dynamite (オータムダイナマイト Ootamu Dainamaito): This move is called Aki Hellraiser Mega Blast in the Funimation dub.


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