Akina Hinata
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 4 Encounter 37: A Hinata Family Reunion
Keroro Gunso Episode 21–A
Voiced by Hisako Kyouda (Japanese)
Akkiko Hiramatsu (Japanese) (Young)
Candice Moore (Animax)
Linda Leonard (Funimation)
Nuria Marín Picó (Spain)
Penny Yuen (Hong Kong)
Gender Female
Species / Type Pekoponian
Occupation Farmer
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Akina Hinata (日向 秋奈 Hinata Akina) is a character in the anime and manga series Keroro Gunso.

She is the kind and caring grandmother of Fuyuki and Natsumi. She, like Fuyuki, believes in paranormal activity, like forest spirits.


In the anime, when Akina was very young, her grandmother passed away, making her the one person Akina really wanted to see. [1] When she was a teenager, she played around mountains that was covered by a mysterious magnetic fog, causing time slips. She would meet her pet dog Dez from later in life several times, and also briefly Dororo once[2].

Akina later had a child of her own who she named Aki Hinata. Eventually, Aki married and had her own children, Fuyuki Hinata and Natsumi Hinata. It's not known why, but eventually Aki had to take care of the children mostly by herself. Aki stayed with Natsumi in the city, while she sent Fuyuki Hinata to live with Akina. Fuyuki, when he was younger, spent several years living with her, moving back to the city only a couple of years before the start of the series.

In the manga, Akina is the one who finds and helps a crashed and wounded Batrakos unit, resembling a giant tadpole. When Natsumi needed help observing the growth of a frog for summer homework, she sends him to her.[3]

Akina's actual debut in the present happens when the Hinata family do their annual trip to her home, in both anime and manga. She wasn't home though, and while the Hinata family searches for her around her house, they explore the mountain only to run into various troubles. She helps them all, gaining their respect, with Keroro acknowledging her as "Admiral". She meets the Hinatas later and while saying goodbye, notices the Keronians in the car, remarking their had gained some odd new family members.

In the manga, after her introduction, she mostly makes minor appearances, but she has big roles in several anime episodes afterwards.


Akina Hinata is a short and pudgy old woman, carrying a gentle expression. She has soft brown eyes. She also has two ahoge, similar to the ones from Fuyuki and Aki, but in the anime those hair strands are much smaller. Her hair is generally tied into a bun. It's dark in the manga, but gray in the anime. She also sports glasses, and has been shown with them in the anime even as a teenager.

In her appearance in the Keroro pilot chapter as just "Natsumi's grandmother", she had completely white hair and it was kept loose.

The anime also showed two younger versions of Akina. Her teenage self who met Dororo, looked very similar to a younger Aki, slim and athletic. She had dark hair, with a greenish tint, tied into small twintails, and wearing a flower accessory. However, unlike Aki, she doesn't have bangs. She was seen in a sailor type school uniform and an old fashioned PE uniform, with baggy bloomers. Her eyes were also brighter, looking close to amber colored.

Her younger adult self, taking care of a very young Aki, also was briefly shown, although her face remained obscured. She tied her hair into a ponytail, left hanging over her shoulders.



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