Voiced by Kana Asumi (Japanese)
Age 21
Gender Female
Species / Type Pekoponian
Occupation A Minion under Gemumu
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Alea (アレア Area) is a main character and boss in Keroro RPG: Kishi to Musha to Densetsu no Kaizoku. She is the eldest sister to Mimikry and Illiinx.


Alea is shown to be very polite and laid-back. However, despite being very sweet on the outside, she is very mischievous on the inside, as shown when she dislikes Giroro's brash behavior and words, and thus has 4 washtubs fall on him at random times.


Alea has pale skin with purple hair that is curly at front and straight at back. She wears a mask at the right side of her hair and has a blue white-ish coat with long sleeves that has blue and pink triangles with a thick black outline. She has lines and blue lines to resemble a machine or a robot. And she wears a belt with a ribbon like thingy at her back. She wears has purple-brown like tight with socks cutted off and wears high-heel sandals. She also has a fuchsia-pink-colored shirt with a skirt. She has Y-like wings and a magic staff wich looks like a paintbrush with rings and circles float around them. At the end of her coat, she has a cut-off like thing. She has sky blue eyes and has eyelashes similar to Momoka Nishizawa's. She is dressed like a traditional Japanese Mountain Priest.


Alea is stated to be a very skilled magician, this being powered even more by her luck. Most of her abilities are activated using her staff including:

  • Alea will strike normally with her staff as it extends and jabs the player. Though one should not be fooled by the weak sounding attack because even one hit from Alea's staff will occasionally knock your player out.
  • Windshot - A common move in which Alea will fire a blast of green energy from her staff.
  • Flare Bullet- A strong move that has Alea shooting a barrage of fire from her staff.
  • Shine -  A unique ability exclusive to Alea. It is a move that surrounds Alea and appears as a green star like burst, in which it then slams into your player's face.

Along with these, Alea has the ability to have random items fall from the sky, and the ability to flee rather fast.

Trivia Edit

  • Her quote is "Oh, goodness me!".
  • She refers to Gemumu as Ani-Sama (兄さま), which means Big Brother.


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