Alien Natsumi
Alien Natsumi
First appearance Movie 3
Wordplay name 723
Age 13-14 (Estimation)
Gender Female
Species / Type Alien Humanoid
Date of birth December 2 (Possibly)
Occupation Student
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Alien Natsumi is a character in the Keroro Gunso Franchise, seen during the credits at the end of the third movie.

Appearance Edit

Alien Natsumi looks almost the exact same as Natsumi. She has pink hair, seperated into two pigtails with two red tipped antenna poking out. She has pink tinted skin, pointy ears and raspberry colored eyes. She wears a long sleeved purple shirt with gold rings towards the end, a golden choker on her neck with a red gem in the middle and a light salmon colored ribbon from below, the uniform also has the Kissho Academy school uniform symbol flipped upside down. She wears a light blue skirt and white stockings.

Relationship Edit

Alien Fuyuki Edit

Natsumi's little brother. She appears to love him as not only does she try and wake him up, she actually tries to protect him from Dark Keroro.

History Edit

In a earth-like planet in space, Alien Natsumi tries to wake up her brother, Alien Fuyuki to go to school. Then, she fools him, pointing to the wall telling him that there's a alien in his room. Then they both see Dark Keroro peeling off the fake wallpaper. It is possible that Doruru and her became partners like Natsumi and Giroro.

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