Alien Street Side Six
Side6(AlienStreet) ep106 02
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 50

(as Alien Shop)
Keroro Gunso Episode 106–A
(as Alien Street)

Aliases Alien Shop
Alien Town
Occupation Hidden Alien Store or City
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Alien Street (宇宙人街 Uchūjingai) is a hidden underground complex of tunnels and halls used by aliens living in Pekopon in the Keroro Gunso anime series. It's presented initially as a small and dark underground store district, known only as Alien Street or even just Alien Shop. However, in later seasons, it's a bright and lively underground alien city known by its full name Alien Street Side Six.

Alien Shop Edit

Side6(AlienStreet) ep050 02

The original Alien Street

The Alien Street appears for the first time when Natsumi suddenly falls sick with a high fever. Giroro goes after a liver of Space Cerberus, which was said to be able to cure all sickness. The location is mostly empty with dark corridors and stores, few aliens standing around, and water filling a large part of the structure.[1]

This same version of the location would reappear later, attacked by Phantom Thief Viper, who, while disguised as Keroro disguised as human Sumomo, stole from the same store previously visited by Giroro.[2].

Side Six Edit

Side6(AlienStreet) ep106a 00 entrance

The entrance to Alien Street

Alien Street Side Six turns out to be a large underground complex comparable to a city, with many establishments, from government buildings, police precint and hospital to various types of stores, from small specialized shops to restaurants to large department buildings. Its well lit and lively with many different types of aliens roaming around the place.

Its entrance is located in a dark alley in Inner Tokyo, by opening a loose door that would seemingly lead nowhere, although it's also possible to enter by falling through an open manhole next to it.

It allegedly existed since before the Keroro Platoon arrived in Pekopon according to Keroro[3]. However, there's a contradiction in a later episode, when Keroro visits an alternate universe where the Keron forces hadn't invaded, he fails to find the entrance to the city and assumes that due to their lack of activities in Pekopon, they didn't attract other aliens to Pekopon, thus no Alien Street existed[4].

Adults Only Area Edit

Side6(darkside) ep108 09

Side Six's Adults Only area.

There's a segregated district which forbids the entrance of minors through an automatic barrier in its entrance. It's a darker badly lit area, although with many neon lights spread around it. Criminals and low life aliens often can be seen here, like Sayuri, Space Criminal 303 and Mecha Viper.

If the visitor isn't considered an adult, the barrier shocks them, repelling their presence[5]. In spite of that, in later episodes, several young characters like Chiroro and Tamama are seen in this area somehow without any explanation or scenes showing them getting through the entrance gate. There's a bar in the location, tended by an alien known only as Master that reappears several times throughout the show.

Physical Structure Edit

Alien Street Robo Side6 ep154 04

The Legendary Spaceship Side Six

Side Six was actually built around the ruins of a Legendary Alien Spaceship. It's thousands of years old and was designed to evacuate a large number of aliens in case of disaster. It can combine with five other legendary ships, Side One through Side Five, all stored in the underground of Inner Tokyo, to become what Keroro called the Alien Street Robo[6]. The ship by itself according to Kururu is 2 kilometers long.

Rules Edit

Fighting is forbidden. The Space Police constantly patrols the streets with robots that detect aggression, alongside actual personal, to enforce that rule. Humans who make it into Side Six will be detained and have their memories related to aliens erased, and if an alien was involved in their entrance the alien will suffer physical punishment too.

Due to their various encounters with the Hinata, Poyan and Poyon make them an exception to that rule, although they still need to keep appearances.

Related Characters Edit

Neighborhood Council Presidents Edit

Kasu, Meru, Bari

Three alien girls always seen holding hands in a circle who are introduced as the presidents of Side Six's Neighborhood Council in the anime. They reported news about Alisa Southerncross hunting aliens, which led to some of them going after her.

Poyan in Episode 153

Poyan Edit

In the anime, she's an Alien Policewoman assigned specifically to Side Six, often appearing in episodes that involve it even when she has no real role in the story.

General Bratterling Edit

Boss Gakian ep262b 01

A bossy and bratty alien whose race is allied to the Keronians. He seems to live somewhere in Side Six and treats Keroro and the other platoon members with an arrogant attitude when running into them.

Entouragian Edit

Torimakian ep271a 01

An alien that often accompanies the General Bratterling doing everything for his graces. When the Keronians disagree with Bratterling's ideas, he snaps back saying that Keronians are always impertinent.

Gallery Edit

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