Alisa & Nevula: First Onsen, de arimasu
アリサ&ネブラ 初めての温泉
Arisa & Nebura: Hajimete no Onsen, de arimasu
Season +
Air date November 28, 2009
Screenplay 下山健人 +
Storyboard 向井正浩 +
Direction 向井正浩 +
Animation director 竹知仁美 +
糸島雅彦 +
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Alisa & Nevula: First Onsen, de arimasu (アリサ&ネブラ 初めての温泉 であります Arisa & Nebura: Hajimete no Onsen, de arimasu) is the first part of the 291st episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.




  • This is the first time that Alisa and Nebula are taking the hot springs with eveyone.
  • That Fox demon with nine tales could be a reference of the Pokemon named Ninetales or of the Japanese demonKyubi_fox (妖狐 cat o' nine tales).
  • The villagers from Nebula's bad mind are the same ones from the Sengoku Ran Planet.
    Keroro 291 ran

    This is the only appearance of the villagers of Sengoku Ran Planet in this episode.

  • In Chinese version, some scene when the girls are taking the bath with her boobs line, are censored due of Natsumi, Mois, and Aki's boobs.


  • Throughout the episode, Natsumi, Mois, and Aki's cleavages are invisible for some reason. This could just be an anmation error when everyone thinks that they don't have boobs at all. However, this cleavage error was fixed on DVD.
  • In one scene, when men are taking the men bath, Dororo's eyes are white instead of blue. This error was corrected on DVD version.
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