Angol Tia
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 14 Encounter 117
Aliases Queen of Terror
Age Over 2000 (Estimation)
Gender Female
Species / Type Angolan
Occupation Planet Destroyer
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Angol Tia (アンゴル=チア Angoru Chia) is the mother of Angol Mois and wife to Mois' Father.

Character Edit

Angol Tia is the mother of Angol Mois, and wife of Mois's Father. She appears in Keroro Gunso Volume 14.

While not shown in the anime, in episode 41 of the Funimation Dub. her husband says that she makes a delicious lasagna.

She is mentioned by Nevula as having destroyed his home world, thus causing Nevula to have a severe fear of Angolians.

Trivia Edit

  • She is stated to have wiped out the dinosaurs.

Gallery Edit

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