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Anokoro Keroro Gunso: The War Competition for the Keron Star
Genre Card Game
Released August 2006 (1st Season)

January 2007 (2nd Season)

Series Keroro Land

Anokoro Keroro Gunso: The War Competition for the Keron Star!! (あの頃ケロロ軍曹ケロン☆スター争奪大戦!! Anokoro Keroro Gunsō Keronsutā sōdatsu taisen!!) or short title as Anokoro Keroro Gunso (あの頃ケロロ軍曹 Anokoro Keroro Gunsō).

Anokoro Keroro Gunso is a card game, produced by Bandai. It was released for 1st Season in 2006 and 2nd Season in 2007.

There are 20 cards in total in each season with 3 different types of cards (regular, hologram and seal). It features the winning entries Keronians from Keroro Land magazine, they used as characters in this game.

With each card pack, a little bag filled with yellow or green candy would be given, the candy shaped as the Keroro Platoon's heads.


The events of this game take place before the Keroro Platoon landed on Pekopon, the main goal is to win the Keron Star by battling among other teams. Keroro, Giroro and Zeroro form their own teams and they fight with other teams. All the teams have different reasons to get the Keron Star.

Cards list

Season 1 (2006)

No. Card Name Card Type Letter
1 Keroro Hologram
2 Giroro Hologram
3 Tamama Hologram
4 Kururu Hologram
5 Zeroro Hologram
6 Prologue Seal
7 1st Battle (Team Keroro VS. Sporty) Seal B
8 2nd Battle (T.A.S.T VS. Madodo Mechanism) Seal 一人
9 3rd Battle (Black Stars VS. Team 556) Seal
10 4th Battle (Team Assassin VS. Team Zoruru) Seal
11 Team Keroro: Keroro Regular
12 T.E.S.T: Giroro Regular
13 Team Assassin: Zeroro Regular
14 Team Zoruru: Zoruru Regular
15 Sporty: Firuru Regular
16 Black Stars: Metata Regular
17 Team 556: 556 Regular
18 Madodo Mechanism: Madodo Regular
19 Watchman: Garuru Regular
20 Commissioner: Kururu Regular

Season 2 (2007)

No. Card Name Card Type Letter
1 Keroro Hologram
2 Giroro Hologram
3 Zeroro Hologram
4 Metata Hologram
5 Mahaha Hologram
6 Keroro Seal
7 Giroro Seal
8 Zeroro Seal
9 Kururu Seal
10 Tamama Seal
11 Team Keroro: Saruru Regular
12 Team Keroro: Inunu Regular
13 T.A.S.T: Mukaka Regular
14 Team Assassin: Rirara Regular
15 Team Zoruru: Goruru Regular
16 Sporty: Piroro Regular
17 Black Stars Regular
18 Black Stars: Mahaha Regular
19 Keron Star Member Card Regular
20 The competition for the Keron Star Regular