They are 5 groups of wasp-like assassin aliens of Rune. The only known member is Cheuton.


They all look the same except the first and second one has round eyes, the third one has sharp eyes, while the fourth one has oval eyes. Their body suits are navy blue and light blue gloves and boots, their crest on their body suits are gold and red rhombus.


Unlike Cheuton's personality, they are overconfident, aggressive, and ruthless. Despite this, they failed so easily.


  • The first member use an axe to slice Tamama.
  • The second member use a rifle to shoot Giroro.
  • The third member use a right glove with three long claws to slice Kururu.
  • The fourth member use a knife to stab Keroro.


  • They are based on Shocker Riders from Kamen Rider.
  • The second member is the only member to have a firearm weapon.

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