Bariri: Lovely Chief Medic de arimasu
バリリ 愛しの看護長 であります
Season +
Air date May 9, 2009
Screenplay [[Screenplay::下山健人]] +
Storyboard [[Storyboard::佐藤まさふみ]] +
Direction [[Direction::佐藤まさふみ]] +
Animation director [[Animation director::Kazuyuki Igai]] +
Animation supervisor [[Animation supervisor::竹知仁美]] +
Production assistance [[Production assistance::Studio Guts]] +
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Bariri: Lovely Chief Medic de arimasu
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Bariri: Lovely Chief Medic de arimasu (バリリ 愛しの看護長 であります Bariri: Itoshi no Kangochou, de arimasu) is the first part of the 262nd episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.


The members of the Bariri Platoon go to Pekopon to heal at the base of the Keroro Platoon after being injured while trying to invade a planet. Pururu recognizes Bariri as the Keronian who asked to marry him earlier in episode 239-B. Bariri is still in love with Pururu, and eventually, Pururu agrees to go out with him for lunch.

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