Brei Cola
Brei cola effect

An effect of Brei Cola. Keroro and Natsumi apologize and forgive each other for giving each other tough times. They end up hugging (making this the only time you will ever see them like this).

Brei-Cola (ブレイコーラ Bureikoora) is a popular end-of-the-year non-alchoholic drink from Keron. It is used to get rid of troubles and hardships, much like real alchohol. It is shown in "episode 345". It looks like brown cola in a clear glass bottle that has a japenese character and what looks like the word "BURCCO" on it with a blue cap. Its effects are instantly putting the drinker in a happy, careless, and drunk state. When opened, a timer (which is on the inside of the cap) will start and the pink dot lights up. This timer indicates how long the effects will last. When the effects wear off, the drinker will not remember anything that happened while drunk, making it (according to Kururu) the perfect end-of-the-year drink. For some people, it might have a weird taste. For others, it might have a delicious bittersweet taste. When the drinker becomes depressed or sad by something or someone during the drunk state, they tend to overexaggerate and cry. It is likely that after the effects are gone, having no memory of what just happened, the same event will happen repeatatively for some time (drinking and forgetting for a while).
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