Chibi Dororo/Zeroro
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 13–A
Voiced by Takeshi Kusao (Japanese)
Pasu Leung (Hong Kong)
Aliases Zeroro
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Student
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Chibi Zeroro (ちびゼロロ lit. Young Zeroro) is when Dororo was a kid. Zeroro's friends are Keroro, Giroro, and Pururu.


Zeroro is shown to be scared or frightened easily, making him cry quite a bit. Despite this, if the situation calls for it, he will try and be brave.


Zeroro has the basic look for most tadpoles. He wears a yellow cap with his symbol, a shuriken, in the middle, and a medical mask. He is light blue in appearance, his symbol on his cap is red, while it is yellow on his stomach.


Dororo's Mother & Dororo's Father

Zeroro loved his parents a lot, but especially his mother.


Keroro is one of Zeroro's friends. Keroro usually bullied Zeroro, forcing him into difficult situations. For this Zeroro always called Keroro mean. Despite all this Zeroro usually follows Keroro's orders, and is kind to him, even blushing when Keroro said they were best friends.


Giroro is one of Zeroro's friends. Unlike Keroro, Giroro actually viewed Zeroro as a friend, the two being even closer than Keroro is. Giroro usually protected Zeroro, and comforted him. He never followed Keroro's plans to harass him and, at the very least, decided to be a bystander instead of a bully himself.


Pururu is one of Zeroro's friends. Zeroro tends to agree with her on things, and views her as a friend.


Zeroro likes Joriri better than his other friends. Zeroro is the only one who understand what he is saying. Zeroro, Keroro and Giroro all laughed when Joriri's name was brought up.


Zeroro and Zoruru were very good friends, until Keroro and Giroro started hanging out with Zeroro. Zeroro soon forgot about Zoruru.


Zeroro considers Kikaka his friend. Kikaka was the one who rescued Zeroro from the Andromedian husky, and from that moment on Zeroro saw Kikaka as his friend. Zeroro gave Kikaka food, and stops him from using violence. When Kikaka disappeared, Zeroro was the most heartbroken, and upon finding Kikaka smaller he cried.


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