Chibi Fuyuki Hinata
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First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 55
Aliases Winter

Shogun Fuyuki

Gender Male
Species / Type Pekoponian
Occupation Student
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Chibi Fuyuki (ちび冬樹 also known as Young Fuyuki) is Fuyuki Hinata when he was young.


Chibi Fuyuki is usually seen when he is shot by the "If I Could Do My Life Over" Gun. He is seen to be a fierce spirited child, usually saying he will take over the world, but he listens to rules set by others.

He acts surprisingly more mischievous and childish than the good-hearted and mature normal Fuyuki.

His first appearance shows that he can be very bratty and rude, and is very keen on invading his planet, even stating himself a member of the Keroro Platoon.

In episode 282a, In a flashback, Fuyuki meets Chibi Momoka. They first encounter when he walks into Momoka on accident while reading his occult book. He then tells her that she went the wrong way to class and then let her to class, holding Momoka's hand. Thus, she fell in love with him. 


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