Chibi Kero, Little Little Big Adventure
de arimasu
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Chibi Kero, Little Little Big Adventure de arimasu
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Plot: The episode starts with Chibi Keroro, Chibi Giroro and Chibi Zeroro looking for their snacks that seem to be missing in their base. They soon see that white space ants are the cause of this. Later, they find a tin of small red candies shaped like spirals. They taste them and they turn out great until the flavor changed to curry. It turns out that Chibi Kururu invented these and the candies made the team smaller. After nearly getting crushed by massive chips, a ball and some coins, they all land in a white space ants nest. Keroro and Giroro soon find their snacks in a hole but they get busted by a white space ant guard. As Keroro, Giroro and Zeroro are about to attack, more white space ants guards come causing them to run off. Soon, the space ants take them to their queen which turns out to be Chibi Pururu. She claims that she ate one of Kururu's candies and was taken in by the space ants since they didn't know where their real queen was. The kids soon eat a blue candy which turns out to be the antidote to the shrinking candy. However, two space ant guards ate the growing candies as well. Seeing that the base is ruined, Pururu makes the space ants clean and fix the base along with Keroro and company much to their dismay. As the episode ends, it also turns out that the space ant queen fell in love with a small Joriri (who ate one of the shrinking candies). Note: This is the first part of the 198th episode of Keroro Gunsou. Trivia: The white space ants end their sentences with desu, they love sweets and their voices sound just like Tamama.

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