Chibi Keroro

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Chibi Keroro

First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 13–A
Voiced by Kumiko Watanabe (Japanese)
Yang Jeong Hwa (South Korea)
Joyce Luk (Hong Kong)
Wordplay name Chibi K66
Aliases Captain
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth December 9
Occupation Student
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Chibi Keroro (ちびケロロ lit. Little/Young Keroro) is Keroro when he was a tadpole.

His friends are: Giroro, Zeroro (Dororo) and Pururu. Keroro lives with his mom and dad. If Keroro gets shot by the "If I Could Do My Life Over" Gun, he can turn into Chibi Keroro.

Personality Edit

Chibi Keroro is somewhat mischievous, often doings things that lead him and his friends into trouble. It is because of him that Kururu was dyed yellow, Giroro got his scar, and Zeroro (Dororo) was traumatized. Keroro often used his friends for many dangerous things, especially Zeroro (Dororo). Chibi Keroro is very selfish, as well as a bit of a cry-baby. He tries to be perceived as the cool guy in most situations, playing aloof and pretending not to care about his friends. When in reality he's very needy and attention seeking, and relies on his friends often.


Chibi Keroro has the appearance of most, if not all, tadpoles. Keroro usually wears a yellow cap with the Keron Star in the middle, and he is mostly seen with pink blush. Keroro's symbol is red on his hat, and yellow on his stomach. He has tadpole markings and a tadpole tail.


Giroro Edit

Keroro is good friends with Giroro, despite the two tending to quarrel when Keroro leads them into a sticky situation. He likes it when Giroro shows him things that he gets from his older brother, Garuru.

Zeroro Edit

Keroro is friends with Zeroro. Unlike when they are adults, he doesn't seem to forget about Zeroro as often, and treats him more like a younger brother. Keroro mostly uses Zeroro for dangerous events, causing the traumas that eventually lead to him being a deadly assassin. Despite this, When Keroro and Giroro visited Zeroro and saw all the toys he had from Pekopon, Keroro instantly attached himself as Zeroro's best friend.

Joriri Edit

Joriri is one of Keroro friends. Joriri always tries to help him, but due to Joriri's cryptic nature and messages, it always fails. Keroro tried to live with him at one time, and it naturally didn't work out.

Pururu Edit

Keroro is friends with Pururu, but he also has a crush on her. While it seems obvious to both the other tadpoles and Keroro himself, Pururu remains oblivious to his advances. Keroro often tries to act cool and collected around Pururu, usually ignoring Giroro and Zeroro in favor of impressing her. However, when situations get dire, he often loses this cool and selfish attitude, and treats Pururu like a normal friend, as shown when the two of them cry after getting stuck in the Kero Ball.

Kikaka Edit

Keroro thinks Kikaka is awesome. Keroro is shown to care deeply about him, as he proposed they go and rescue him during Kikaka's appearance episode.


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