Chibi Keroro Platoon
Chibi Keroro Platoon
First appearance Unknown
Aliases Unknown
Gender Male, Female (Pururu)
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Students
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The Chibi Keroro Platoon (ちびケロロ小隊 Chibi Keroro shōtai) is the Keroro Platoon when they were younger.


The team was composed of Keroro, Giroro, and Zeroro (Dororo). The three male Keronians where shown in Season 1, then in Chibi Kero: Secret of the Kero Ball!? Pururu became a part of the team. Joriri was shown to be living in their base for a long time without being discovered, save for the disappearance of food. When the team found him they became friends quickly.

The Chibi Keroro Platoon met themselves as adults and also became friends quickly.


Chibi Keroro- Chibi Keroro is the self-proclaimed leader of the group. He was shown to be a trouble maker, being the main one who came up with crazy, but fun ideas.

Chibi Giroro - Chibi Giroro is one of the first members to join. He is shown to be brave yet reckless and despite saying he was not fond of Keroro's ideas, he usually followed them.

Chibi Zeroro- Zeroro was one of the first members to join the platoon. He cried easily as a child, mainly due to bring abused greatly in Keroro's plans. Despite that, he respected Keroro as a leader.

Chibi Pururu - Chibi Pururu is the last formal member to constantly be shown in the platoon. She is the smartest of the group, along with Zeroro and Keroro and Giroro both had a crush on her. She had no idea however about their crushes and mainly saw them as friends. 

Joriri - Joriri was the only adult friend of the Chibi Keroro Platoon. He mainly spoke in confusing idioms which no one, but Zeroro could understand. He first met the platoon when he protected them from Chibi Zurara and his gang of bullies.


  • Chibi Kururu - While at first shown as an ally, due to Kururu saving them by letting them out of the Kero Ball for a promise of curry. After that was done, he was accidentally dyed yellow and from that day on he would frequently 'accidentally' mess with the Chibi Keroro Platoon due to his crazy inventions.
  • Kikaka - Kikaka was an artificially made Keronian which became best friends with Zeroro and soon after Keroro, Giroro and Pururu. He constantly protected the platoon from harm, and risked his life saving Zeroro from a Kiruru.

Enemies Edit

  • Zurara - Zurara was one of the bullies who tried to take their base on a daily basis.
  • Gururu- Gururu was the accomplice of Zurara.


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