Chibi Kururu
Chibi Kururu
First appearance Chibi Kero: Secret of the Kero Ball!?
Voiced by Takehito Koyasu (Japanese)
Martin Lui (Hong Kong)
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Student
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Chibi Kururu (ちび クルル)is Kururu when he was a tadpole.


According to Mine Yoshizaki's concept art for the anime, Kururu was initially known as a loving intelligent child, although with an unnerving grin that foreshadows his later self. In spite of carrying a pacifier, he's only a little younger than Karara and Chiroro would be in the present.

The younger Kururu first appeared on screen in Chibi Kero: Secret of the Kero Ball!?. He is first shown walking home with his friends when he stumbles upon the Kero Ball after hearing Keroro's and Pururu's voices coming from inside it, calling for help. Kururu asks the two what he gets after helping them, and after getting promised Curry. He pushes a random button, and unknowingly makes things worse. However, Giroro and Zeroro come out from the ball and help save the other's. Kururu is unfazed by the celebration and demands his curry. Keroro pushes some buttons on the Kero Ball, and makes a huge plate of curry, which Kururu gets stuck in.

Somehow, he absorbed the curry's spice into his body, gaining a darker personality and increasing his intellect even further. He turns from his natural blue to his classic yellow and started his signature laugh, Kukuku.

In the Chibi Keroro episodes which take place after the short movie, the yellow young Kururu appears making various inventions that cause troubles to Keroro and his friends, in spite of rarely meeting them directly.


Chibi Kururu looks like the Kururu we know today, but except with a tail, a pink bib, his headphones are replaced with yellow soft ones and he has a sucker in his mouth.



Kururu found him and Pururu in the Kero Ball and said he'll save them as long as they give him curry. When they get saved, Keroro uses the Kero Ball to give him curry. As it grows, it falls on Kururu. Sadly, Keroro didn't help him leaving him calling for help.


Kururu finds Pururu in the Kero Ball. Pururu asks for Kururu's help, and he agrees, as long as he gets curry as a reward. Pururu appears to not be willing to remember her promise to Kururu.


Rinono is one of Kururu's friends. They appear to be rather close as they are shown walking home together.


Shupepe is one of Kururu's friends. They appear to be rather close as they are shown walking home together, and Shupepe tells Kururu to continue walking.


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