Chikululu Adams (チクルル-ADAMS/アダムス Chikururu Adams), also known as the Tree of Gum (ガムのナリキタセ Gamu no narikitase) is a plant invented by Kururu that only appeared in episode 236 of the original Keroro Gunso anime series, and chapter 128 of the manga. It is a tree that grows chewing gum, which also have many different side effects per person for those who chew it.
Chikululu Adams in the anime

Chikululu Adams (Tree of Gum) in the anime.

Near the end of the episode, Chikululu Adams becomes fully rotten after Tamama tried to make a chocolate flavor of one of his gums, fusing the oil found in chocolate with the tree itself.

Overview Edit

Chikululu Adams

Chikululu Adams (Tree of Gum) in the manga.

Chikululu Adams are trees that are slightly similar to gum trees in that both produce gum. However, rather than rubber sap, Chikululu Adams grow a piece of chewing gum when given commands from a computer, and within a few seconds the piece of gum will grow like a piece of fruit. The trees not only produce any flavor of gum but gum to create certain results such as lowering blood pressure, improving concentration, making a person too heavy to move, making a person lighter than air and even temporarily changing someone's personality. The only type of gum it can't make is chocolate-flavored since the oil content in chocolate melts gum and the trees themselves.
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