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First appearance Keroro Land Volume 40
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
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Chokiki (チョキキ) is a character in Keroro Land.

Appearance Edit

Chokiki is a burnt orange color. His cap is in the shape of a red crab with blue eyes, it is placed over his gray helmet which has two spikes on each side by a yellow elastic band. His usually white face markings are black and most of his bottom half is covered by a red metal mask. He has huge crab claw gloves with yellow elastic bands the gloves are also held by gray edges. He wears one red mechanical crab leg and a black belt with a gold buckle. His sign is a red crab claw on his helmet and a cyan blue crab claw on his stomach.

Etymology Edit

Chokiki's name comes from chokichoki (ちょきちょき) which means "snip snip".

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