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Class 1-B (1年B組 Ichinen bigumi) is Fuyuki's class during most of the Keroro manga, and during all of the original anime. In the manga, aside from the main characters, like Momoka Nishizawa and Chiruyo Tsukigami, the class is mostly composed by generic background designs. However, in the anime, starting from episode 63-A, the class has a stable line up of students who reappear almost every time Fuyuki is shown in class afterwards. Yamada is 1-B's homeroom teacher.

Named studentsEdit

Class Fuyuki ep261 31
Fuyuki Hinata - Seat 13

Momoka Nishizawa - Seat 19

Chiruyo Tsukigami - Seat 7

Rei Kinoshita - An anime-only transfer student who only stays in 1-B during episode 61-A. Her position in the class isn't shown.

Mei Kujo - An anime-only transfer student who only stays in 1-B during episode 146. Her position in the class isn't shown.

Kusao & Koyasu - Fuyuki's classmates in the manga who hang out with him during an excursion in chapter 173 (vol.21). In the anime, they appear in episode 358-B, although the anime removes some of their interactions and doesn't make it clear whether they're supposed to be Fuyuki's classmates.

Nameless studentsEdit

Class PE Natsumi ep013 02

Girls who eventually would appear as Fuyuki's classmates cheering for Natsumi in episode 13-A

Class 1-B, in the anime, has 27 students initially, and later 28 students, in spite of having space for 30 students. That happens because the student line up is introduced for episode 63-A, where Giroro, Tamama and Dororo all take seats in the class (positions 30, 29 and 26) which results in no students used to fill those seats, at least initially.
Class Fuyuki ep054 04

Fuyuki finds missing concert tickets for his classmates in 54-A

Class Fuyuki ep261 16

A nameless female student who joins 1-B after the others and acts as the teacher's assistant in episode 261-A

Although the class itself only gets a stable line up of students with episode 63-A, many of the class members had previously appeared in various roles including Natsumi's fangirls, Sport's festival competitors, or even Fuyuki's classmates, although outside of classes.
Class Fuyuki ep146 01

Various reactions from 1-B's students to Mei Kujou's introduction

One extra student is eventually added to the class, filling Chair 30, one of the empty seats taken by the Keroro Platoon in episode 63-A. She doesn't receive a proper introduction, but appears in group shots at least as early as episode 146. This student gets a rather large speaking role in episode 261-A, but in spite of that doesn't get a proper name.

Class Fuyuki ep307 01

Class 1-B preparing a time capsule

Fuyuki's classmates appear consistently up to the 6th season finale, episode 307, which begins with the various classes preparing time capsules. Fuyuki's class is barely shown in the 7th and final season. When Momoka finally appears for a scene in class, in episode 351, most of the students and seat positions are different. The episode itself doesn't show that it's actually class 1-B though, so it could be meant to be a later year.
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