Commander Toilet
Toire Shirei
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 194
Voiced by Tessho Genda (Japanese)
Aliases Toilet leader
Gender Masculine programming
Species / Type Robot
Occupation Robot Army Leader
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"Please don't flush anything in the toilet bowl, except toilet paper!"
-Commander Toilet's last words.

Commander Toilet (トイレ司令 Toire Shirei) was the leader of the Toiletformers, as army of sentient toilets.


After all the toilets that the Keroro Platoon used as an army rebelled against them, Commander Toilet appeared and issued a war against all lifeforms for the sake of cleaner toilets. As all Toiletformers marched their way to Inner Tokyo, Fuyuki Hinata, Natsumi Hinata, the Keroro Platoon and Momoka Nishizawa's soldiers attacked them with paints and inks. Though seemingly successful, some of them used water squirter as shields until Fuyuki came up with an idea. He mobilized all fighters to deliver bombs filled with his underwears to shut them down, reverting all armies to mere toilets and shutting down their chips.


Like all toilets, during their first stage, they could suck their users and beat them in the toilet bowl. Other than that, they can unleash a huge water current and heating up the toilet seats to burn their user's buttocks. They can also move from their original spot.

After gaining full control, their bodies turned into mechanical machine parts and able to transform into a more humanoid robot mode. They can fly via built-in boosters and unleash a water current even create a fountain as shields from paint and ink assaults. But however, it seemed that they share the same mind and all had a fear of underwear, as Fuyuki had once accidentally clogged his house's toilet bowl with his underwear, making them turned into toilet bowls once again. Also, due to their hatred for dirt, if tainted, they would reduce back into mere toilets, though it only affect one target, Toiletformer himself.


Keeping with the Toiletformers, as well as the episode they debuted being homages to Transformers, Commander Toilet seemed to be based on Optimus Prime. As shown:

  • They had similar head molds.
  • Both were leaders to their armies.
  • Both shared similar voice actors: Tessho Genda.
  • When ordering their armies to attack, they shout: "Roll Out!"
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