Conductor Robo
First appearance Episode 109
Gender Male
Species / Type Robot
Occupation Operates/Guarding the train.
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Conductor Robo is an alien robot in Keroro Gunso.


Like a conductor, he operates the train that flies to space, he is always seen inside the train, sometimes he is also used to shoo away aliens if they don't have parents or tickets.


He is first seen when he asks Dororo for tickets, he coldly said that he doesn't have any tickets, the Conductor Robo attacks but he was easily beaten by Dororo.

He appeared again in Episode 124, when he ask Keroro (as a child) if he has parents with him, be Keroro keep continually ignoring him, the Conductor Robo then ask Viper (old) if where Keroro, Giroro, and Zeroro are, then Viper (old) tells the conductor that he hasn't seen the three children yet, successfully avoided the conductor robot.


He has a black round head wearing a conductor's hat. He has gray mechanical arms and red beady eyes.

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