Copy Robots
01 Robot Platoon
Copy Robot Platoon
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 104
Aliases Keroro Platoon Double
Gender Male (Original Clones; Keroro Platoon)
Species / Type Robot
Occupation Variable
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The Copy Robots (コピーロボット Kopī Robotto) are a series of robots made by Kururu featured in the Keroro Gunso anime series.

Information Edit

The Copy Robots mainly appear when the Keroro Platoon want to take a day off, however, the Copy Robots cause a lot of trouble. However, in Episode 260, which happens sometime prior to their arrival on Earth, they actually save the Keroro Platoon by filling in for them during the Keron Army march when the real Keroro, Giroro, and Dororo are trapped. The Copy Robots only appear in four episodes. There are also Copy Robots made for Pekoponians (Ep. 182).

Copy Robot Basis

Basis of a Copy Robot


For Keronians, the most common differences are that they have slanted eyes, curled feet and a different Keronian resonance tone.

Copy Robot Differences
Keroro Resonance is "Gerogero" (ゲロゲロ), rather than the standard "Kerokero" (ケロケロ). Lacks interest in Gundam and has no sympathy for Earthlings ("Invasion Programming" mode). His two functions in Episode. 130 are laundry and building gunpla.
Giroro Ends his sentences with "da ze" (だぜ). Lacks sympathy for Natsumi ("Invasion Programming" mode). His two functions in Episode 130 are wiping the windows and maintaining his weapons.
Tamama Ends sentences with "Deshī" (でしぃ) instead of "Desū" (ですぅ). Lacks darker side, obsession for snacks and admiration for Keroro. His two functions in Episode 130 are cleaning and eating snacks.
Dororo Lacks Trauma Switch. Willingly invades Earth through various means even if it harms the population ("Invasion Programming" mode). His two functions in Episode 130 are making tea and being non-existent.
Kururu Hat becomes conical in shape. Laugh pattern changes from "Kū, ku ku ku" to "Ku kū, ku kū". Has a resonance that does not go around in circles; instead it behaves in the same manner as a normal resonance. His two functions in Episode 130 are maintenance and laughing creepily.
Fuyuki Hinata Has two "ahoge (アホ毛)" instead of one.
Natsumi Hinata Ponytails become vertical rolls.
Angol Mois Her hair fringe faces the opposite direction.


  • The Copy Robots appearances and concepts are based on the robot with the same name in Fujiko F Fujio's well-known manga, Perman and Doraemon, given that they are yellow colored robots task on replacing their owners during their absence.
  • The Copy Robots (only when imitating Keronians) are similar to Alien Zarab, an evil alien in episode 19 of 1966 tokusatsu series, Ultraman. Some similarities are:
    • They are able to disguise themselves as the main characters.
    • Their disguises had several defects, where both Alien Zarab as the Imitation Ultraman and the Copy Robots as Keroro Platoons had slanted eyes and curly feet. However, even with such defect is clearly visible (even to the viewers themselves), normal humans can't seem to differentiate them from their original counterparts.


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