Dance Man
Dance Man ani.jpg
Voiced by Dance Man
Eric Vale (Funimation)
Leung Chi Tak (Hong Kong)
Gender Male
Date of birth October 12, 1963
Occupation Musician
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Dance Man (ダンス☆マン Dansu Man) is a Japanese musician. He is very secretive about his identity to the public. He is always seen wearing a huge afro wig and sideburns, matched with sunglasses. He also appears as a character in the series Keroro Gunso. Dance Man is the artist of the song Afro Sergeant, the first ending song for Keroro Gunso. In episode 174 of Keroro Gunso, it is revealed that Dance Man and Dansuno Maso are from another planet called Mirror Planet. Presumebly, this is not true of the real person.

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