First appearance Episode 332
Voiced by Yūji Ueda
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
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Darere (ダレレ) is a Keronian that appears in episode 332 of Keroro Gunsou.


He wears a white helmet, and has silver skin. His symbol is a warped green question mark, he has blue eyes, and carries two yellow swords with him.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Darere can transform into other people. He is skilled at using weapons as defense. Giroro went to a warehouse to battle Darere. he's good with all forms or long range and close-quarters combat weapons including beam swords, a sniper rifle, smoke grenades, and throwing knives.

Tumblr m15su5rvd61rph7a2o5 1280

Darere fighting Giroro

Darere makeing a move

Darere throwing a smoke grenade.


  • His name comes from dare (誰), meaning who, refering to his ability to transform into others.


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