Dark Keroro Platoon, Nazca not included.

Dark Keroro Platoon is a platoon in the movie Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 3: Keroro vs. Keroro Great Sky Duel de arimasu!


The Dark Keroro Platoon came to conquer Pekopon. But they were stopped by the Keroro Platoon. It is shown that at the end of the movie, the Platoon (excluding Miruru and Nazca) have left to a different Planet (Much Like Pekopon) to start invading there.


Dark Keroro

Dark Keroro is the leader. Dark Keroro is a clone of Keroro, with some variation in appearance. He leads the other Keronian manifestations, Shivava, Doruru, and Miruru. He was cloned by the third generation Kiruru. He is a much smarter and more serious invader than Keroro, and successfully dominates Pekopon in 2 minutes, using a mind controlling device.


Shivava is a stuck up Keronian who thinks of himself as the "main character." He left Keron because it was "too small" for him and joined forces with Dark Keroro and Doruru. He is rivaled with Tamama.

He is the type that does things the way he wants due to his ego. It is also evident in his speech. His speech pattern is that of someone who would be described as "rebellious" and "active". Before attacking his opponent, he seems to talk for a long time. This led to his defeat by Tamama and Momoka .


Doruru is a blue full-grown Keronian that's in the Platoon. Doruru abilities are levitate with a jetpack and use his cannons lasers to shoot stuff. Doruru is the former trainer of the Keron army but he was fired. He mostly talks with short sentences, even just one word. In the final battle, whenever something happens, he says the obvious word. If he is firing missiles, he shouts, "Missles." Some other phrases are "Too hot!" or "Decisive battle." He is rivaled with Giroro.


Miruru is very smart and, as seen in some scenes in the movie, has more of a heart than the other members of her group. Her intelligence was rivaled with Kururu. She also seems to be able to transform into Nazca. As seen in other Keroro Gunso Movies, Miruru can transform into a key that disables Kiruru, and she seems to have become friends with Fuyuki.


Nazca is a mysterious girl who appears alongside Miruru. Nazca has two known powers. They are, flying and hypnosis. This was revealed when she hypnotised Fuyuki Hinata to take him to Dark Keroro.

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