Dasonu Maso
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First appearance Episode 47
Voiced by Chō
Aliases "Yamada-kun"
Gender Male
Species / Type (Human-like alien)
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Dasonu Maso (ダソヌ☆マソ) is a character in Keroro Gunso. He impersonates Dance Man. He is voiced by Chō.

Character Edit

He appears by falling from the sky in a glowing afro which shrinks to become his afro. Whenever the concert ticket of Dasonu Maso is torn, Dasonu Maso himself will be summoned. He can give off a beam from his eyes which causes anyone it touches to suddenly have an afro. His afro also seems to have the ability to safetly absorb projectiles (such as missiles) and then fire them right back at his enemies. The only way to damage him is to use scissors to cut his afro or sing better than him. Dasonu Maso is famous in space for his "Truthfully" jokes. An example is, "Truthfully, I won't die! But one day I will! That is me!" Strangely, all aliens find his jokes "funny", while Pekoponians don't even understand them.

Invasion attempt Edit

In episode 88, Dasonu Maso tried to conquer Pekopon with the use of mechanized versions of himself to overwhelm Inner Tokyo. Concert tickets that fell from the sky, and once they are torn, Mecha Dasonu Masos will follow. They do the same acts done by the original. Then if the victim does not want to listen, they would be hit by an afro beam and become funky. Even the military might of the Nishizawa Peach Group could not stop the clones of Dasonu Maso. His plan would have been successful if not for the sudden appearance of Dance Man who helps the Keroro Platoon prepare MorePeachSummerSnow learn "true funk". Dasonu Maso gets fantastically beaten by More Peach Summer Snow (trained by Dance Man in the arts of girls' funk ) and leaves the scene.[1]

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