First appearance Keroro Land Volume 42
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian Cyborg
Occupation Driller
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Digugu (ディググ) is a character from Keroro Land.

Character Edit

Digugu makes a living by drilling holes and tunnels most likely for the Keron Army.


Digugu is a brown Keronian wearing blue gloves and shoes with yellow sharp claws, making a similar appearance to a mole. He has sharp, peculiar eyes (at least one) and his left eye is covered in blue metallic plate, with a cybernetic green lens (possibly a robot in origin). He has large blue box with an antenna and a red orb on its tip, that operates the large drill attached to it, he also has two drills on his head. His symbol is a drill.


Digugu comes from the word, "dig" (ディグ).

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