Dororo's Father
Dororos father
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 13
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Keron Army Soldier/Medic
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Dororo's Father (どろろの父 Dororo no chichi) is a character in the anime series Keroro Gunso. He has never been shown in any episodes of Keroro Gunso but has been referred to, for instance as a painting in episode 13. He was briefly mentioned by Dororo in episode 73 as a force of strength to make the world shake.


He is the reason why Dororo and his family were so wealthy, he was probably the head doctor of all of Keron. Despite not appearing often, he was most likely alive during both Dororo and his younger brother's childhood, as referenced by Dororo in episode 73 when he mentions the fact that his father's anger could shake the world.


His apperance is somewhat similar to Keroro's father, He wears a medical mask similar to that of the young Dororo and Dororo's mother. He wears a pickelhaube helmet similar to Keroro's father except instead of a spike upward, he has a spike that looks like a medical cross. He also wears something similar to a continental army uniform.

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