Keroro 4
The Alien Cleans House A.K.A. The House-Cleaning Alien is the fourth episode of the new 2014 edition of Keroro Gunso, labelled Keroro.



The episode begins with the Hinatas cleaning up their home, as it is Spring Cleaning Day. Natsumi is shown wiping a window, wondering why the dirt is not coming off of it. Keroro then jumps in and shows Natsumi what to do, Natsumi is shown impressed. Later Aki is shown vacuuming, saying that she always leaves it to her children to watch the house and that today she is going to work herself. However, Keroro pulls the plug to Aki's vacuum and says that she is doing it wrong. Keroro teaches Aki the right way of cleaning. Aki is surprised and states that it's magic, Keroro agreeing.

Fuyuki is seen going through his books, wondering which ones he should keep, and which he should throw away. He decides to put them aside for now, until Keroro is seen tying the books up and packing them away. Fuyuki is questioning what Keroro is doing and Keroro states about what will happen to them if they are kept. Fuyuki realizes that he won't be able to buy new books and thanks Keroro for helping him. Fuyuki than asks if Keroro would do the same with his Gundam Models, Keroro deciding to keep the books for Fuyuki. Natsumi is later shown cleaning the bathroom and taking a bath herself, as she wonders why some of the water isn't coming off. She briefly thinks about what to do, until Keroro comes in explaining how to clean and disrupting her bath. Natsumi responds by throwing Keroro out a window. The next day, Keroro is shown holding a metal hex nut, complaining about how it's not burnable.


  • Giroro and Mois appeared in the original, having already been introduced, so in Keroro all references to them are removed.
  • Keroro's alarm method is different in Keroro, as in the original it was a little robot named Mistake-Kun that told Keroro when mistakes were made.
  • In the original Keroro doesn't keep Fuyuki's books.
  • The cleaning times were also different, Keroro having it be in Spring, while the original being near New Years Eve.


  • The part where Aki is shown wearing a gown, and crown is reference to Cinderella.
  • The episode is a tribute to what happened in the thirty-ninth episode of season one.
  • All the cleaning methods Keroro showed have actually proven to be a great way to clean.
Keroro's star is missing

Errors Edit

  • When Keroro jumps into the window, the star on his stomach is missing.
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