Experimental Kiruru
Rogue Kiruru-1
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 230
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian Robot
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Experimental Kiruru (試作型キルル shisakugata kiruru) is a combat robot shaped like a Keronian which appeared in the Keroro Gunso anime.


During Keroro's childhood, Keron authorities were looking for an escaped bio-tech weapon. Zeroro feared that it was actually Kikaka, a friendly robot him and his friends had found recently, but it was actually a rampaging experimental Kiruru.

Experimental Kiruru appeared and destroyed the playground base of Keroro's friends when Kikaka was there. However, he ends up defeated by Kikaka, although Kikaka spends his entire energy to do that.


This Experimental Kiruru resembles the giant form of the Kiruru from the first movie. He is dark brown colored and has an orange face and body with red sharp eyes. This Kiruru also features a green collar with a red sphere in the center sporting the Space Police logo on it.


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