Kururu flash Spoon

Kururu checking the device.

The Flash Spoon is an unknown-origin device, imported and licensed by Keron, that allows anyone who holds it up in the air to grow into a giant version of themselves. It uses an integrated battery to function.

Usage and historyEdit

Among all tools and weapons the Keroro Platoon were delivered for their mission to Pekopon, a Flash Spoon was one of those. It's first appearance was when, in an effort to get funds from Momoka Nishizawa, Keroro and his platoon, with information from Tamama, went to the Nishizawa mansion, in order to help Momoka to have a better body. When most tools failed to accomplish Momoka's wishes, Keroro decided to allow her to test it, although Momoka was impatient and decided to do it. She damaged her mansion because of using the spoon inside it.[1]

It's not quite clear if the same spoon Keroro used to fight a Viper was the one from Momoka, as for him, the effect had a cool-down of 3 days. Time they had to wait on Momoka's tropical island. The same spoon was used by almost everyone in the island, except Dororo, because he tried to use it too late (out of battery).[2]




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