Fuchiko Mine
Fuchiko Mine
First appearance Episode 144
Gender Female
Species / Type Dekamimi
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Fuchiko Mine is a character in Keroro Gunso.


She was a transfer student just like Hikari and Yamato.


After being introduced, she was seen eating lunch in the lunch room. Just like Yamato, her appetite is not ordinary for the Pekoponians according to Kururu. She was seen eating again with Yamato, then suddenly they developed stomachaches and grew larger, revealing their alien forms, gone berserk. After Pyonta's arrest, they were sent back home to their planet.


In her human form, Fuchiko is noticeably shorter than the other two, She has the same hair color as Hikari and Yamato, she also has pigtails just Hikari except its shorter and her hair clips are almost wrapped at the tips of the pigtails. She has cat ears just like Yamato's but its sky blue colored instead of yellow and reddish pink eyes. In her Dekamimi form, she's in the form of a blue rabbit.


She has a big appetite just like Yamato. She is shown to be the most quiet, and suspicious of the trio, as she noticed that Natsumi was staring at her, and she glared at her. Like Yamato she can also only say Meow.


Fuchiko is possibly comes from her based character, Fujiko, literally means, "mountain peaks of Fuji". Her name might also be based off of Fujiko Mine of Lupin III.


  • She is named after Fujiko Mine , a fictional character from Lupin III.
  • Fuchiko is the shortest out of Yamato and Hikari.
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