Fuyuki Meets a Girl, de arimasu
冬樹 ミーツ・ア・ガ〜ル
Fuyuki: Mītsu A Gāru, de arimasu
Season +
English Funimation anime title Make SUBS, Not War! ...Then Make WAR!
Air date August 14, 2004
Screenplay 西園悟 +
Storyboard 片山一良 +
Direction 福本潔 +
Animation director 石井ゆみこ +
Animation supervisor Fumitoshi Oizaki +
Production assistance 遊歩堂 +
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Fuyuki Meets a Girl, de arimasutrue
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Fuyuki Meets a Girl, de arimasu (冬樹 ミーツ・ア・ガ〜ル であります Fuyuki: Mītsu A Gāru, de arimasu) is the first part of the 20th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Keroro explaining that if they take over Pekopon's oceans, they will have basically taken over the world. Keroro's platoon mates agree with the plan and resonate to seal the deal, as this is happening a strange figure watches Inner Tokyo.

The next day Natsumi is saddened because Aki promised a trip to the beach, and the family car is broken. However after Aki reminds Natsumi that they have a pool, she instantly goes down to Keroro's secret base, where she hears Keroro talking about the beach. Keroro then invites all the Hinatas' to go to the beach. Fuyuki is seen unhappy because for his summer project he decided to write about if the oceans have intelligent life forms. However he goes with his family after figuring out that with the Road Ranger he can finish his homework.

The Hinata's enter the ship, accompanied by Koyuki. They soon leave the house and head towards the beach. A strange girl is seen staring at all the trash, before she is startled by the Road Ranger's sudden appearance. The girls instantly jump in the water and swim off, as Fuyuki ends up on the coast of the beach. He than meets the strange girl, who laughs at his antics, when Fuyuki yells at her she jumps down and gets hurt. Fuyuki helps her with her hand and pick up trash.

Keroro, Tamama and Kururu are shown sunbathing until Giroro sprays them and before he can shoot them they leave. Keroro later tells Fuyuki that they are going into the ocean, Fuyuki following them as his new friend watches on sadly.

Characters Edit

(In order of Appearance)

New Characters Edit

  • Nontruma Girl

Trivia Edit

  • Nontruma Girl is the first character to ever show blood.
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