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Garuru (ガルル) is a character in the series Keroro Gunso. He is the first lieutenant (中尉 chui) [RANKS] and leader of the Garuru Platoon.


Garuru was first introduced at the end of episode 100 with the rest of his Platoon to replace the Keroro Platoon in their mission to conquer Pekopon.

Garuru is the older brother of Giroro. He and his brother have a slight rivalry, but it seems like Garuru is willing to really bend the rules to make sure Giroro gets to stay on Pekopon and complete the invasion. On more than one occasion he has tampered with evidence to make the Keroro Platoon seem more competent[1].

He cannot use chopsticks very well, however he accidentally stabbed one in a tiger horse's eye.

Garuru also loved listening to loud rock music when he was younger.[2]

Garuru's Symbol


Garuru is a light purple adult Keronian, with a dark purple hat. He has pointy yellow goggles, with thick black outlines surrounding them. His true eyes sometimes appear, though Garuru's true eye color is unknown. His symbol is a red upside down "A" with a downward line at the center, which can be seen as either a wolf's face or a wolf skull. Garuru also wears a belt similar to Giroro only it is switched around, with the round part of the belt facing forward instead.


  • Giroro - Garuru is Giroro's older brother. Garuru appears to love Giroro very much, protecting both him and Chibi Keroro from getting beaten up by Zurara and Gururu (anime).
  • Garuru Platoon - Garuru's Fellow members. He tries to make the best decisions and states that he couldn't have a better team then the one he has now. [3]
  • Pururu- Pururu is apart of the Garuru Platoon, Garuru revels himself that he, as well as everyone else on the platoon, would be lost without her. Pururu in return appears to have a slight crush on him.
  • Garuru's Father- Garuru's Father.

    Episode 254-b when the Keroro Platoon is trying to debate among themselves whether they should ask Pururu on what's going on between her and Garuru/Keroro is Garuru.

  • Keroro Platoon - The Keroro Platoon seem to fear the Garuru Platoon, and recognize them and Garuru as higher ups. After the battle for Pekopon, they still fear Garuru, but they do see him as a friend.


  • It is unknown what color Garuru's true eyes are, though most people say they are red.
  • Garuru's design is possibly a reference to the Turn A Gundam series And Bass from the Megaman series.
  • Garuru's voice actor, Akio Ohtsuka, is known for voicing Anavel Gato in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.
  • in pixiv,Garuru Having Relationship With Colonel In There,But In anime was Dosent
  • Someone said Garuru prototype is Simo Häyhä,During Winter War,He using M28 In 98 Days For Killing Soviet Troops of 505 or 542,However The Artillery Firing Simo Häyhä Face,When He Woke,The war is over And promotion to Sub-lieutenant,And Mine Yoshizaki Saw His Life and Changing to Garuru For Reason

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