First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 25 Encounter 20 A: The Search For An Invasion Idol
Aliases Keron Army Information Soldier Gebaba
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Soldier for the Keron Army
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Gebaba (ゲババ) is a character featured in the Keroro Gunso Franchise.

He is the childhood friend of Keroro and he works for the Keron Army.

Story Edit

Gebaba first appears after being invited by Keroro, his childhood friend. Despite Keroro's wishes he tells Fuyuki about Keroro's latest invasion plan: Taking over the world with Idols. With his skills in production work he agreed to be the judge, as the first contestant is Momoka Nishizawa, sponsored by Tamama. He compliments how elegant she looks, but how she needs more hunger to succeed. He is later brought Koyuki Azumaya (Sponsored by Dororo), Aki Hinata (Sponsored by Kururu), Natsumi Hinata (Sponsored by Giroro) and Alisa Southerncross, who only came because she smelt Gebaba's scent. However, Momi and Myou decided to participate, with Shin and Tomosu following behind them. He states that he appreciates all the idols, but he has already chosen someone, this person happens to be Fuyuki. Gebaba drags Fuyuki off to become a hit idol in space, as Fuyuki screams for help.

Relationships Edit

Keroro Edit

Gebaba's childhood friend. He appears to enjoy messing with Keroro and teasing him, though he does appreciate Keroro's invasion plans, unlike most others.

Momoka Nishizawa Edit

He appears to like her fashion style, but he doesn't like her attitude or her polite manner, which makes Momoka stand in shock and she quickly turns into Brutal Momoka as Tamama holds her back.

Gallery Edit

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