These rules apply only to the Keroro Wikia. When contributing to other Wikias, please follow their respective rules/guidelines. In addition, these rules are subject to change at any time without any notice.

This page outlines some simple guidelines for editing and creating articles on the wiki. Please read through it if this is your first time here.

Creating a New Page

When creating a new page, make sure there isn't already a page for it! Duplicate pages will be marked for deletion. Make sure your page is also relevant to the Wikia's topic, Keroro Gunso.

Non-Keroro Related Articles

Please do not create articles or pages that are not related to Keroro Gunso. Such pages will be deleted accordingly by an admin. Help keep the wiki tidy by marking any useless pages you find with the category "Candidate for Deletion".

Fan Art

The wiki is not a place for posting fan art without permission. If you wish to post fan art, be sure to get permission from the author to prevent any future disputes of stolen work.


Repeat offenders will be banned to prevent any further vandalism on the wiki. There will be zero tolerance for any such case.

Respect Other Users

Anyone is welcome to this wiki. This means that you will not stalk, threaten, harass or bully any other user. You should treat them with respect. If a scenario like this gets out of hand, an admin will be alerted.


Do not upload images that are inappropriate or mature on the wiki, or post them on any page or article. Doing so will result in a temporary ban. If the actions continue afterwards, you will be at risk of being IP blocked on this wiki.

TL;DR: Use common sense when editing the wiki, or face the consequences!

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