Jirara Shoutai
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 103 (Mentioned)
Keroro Gunso Episode 189 (Cameo)
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Assassin
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Girara (ギララ) is a minor character in the Keroro Gunso franchise. Girara was apart of X1, an elite assassin team.

He might be one of Dororo's old friends due to Dororo giving him the Japanese suffix kun when he speaks.

Story Edit

Girara is first mentioned in Episode 103 by Dororo as he tries to recall who Zoruru is.

"Girara-kun? No. Dasasa-kun? No." - Dororo, Episode 103

He is later mentioned in Episode 189 as being a member of X1. Girara and the rest of the X1 group members constantly battled each other to the point of near death. Unlike with Girara's fellow member, Dasasa, Dororo doesn't mention him becoming a lance corporal.


Just like the other two silhouettes shown, Girara appears to have sharp eyes. His hat flaps are similar both Dororo and Zoruru's.

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