First appearance Giroro, The Man with Seven Faces de arimasu
Gender Male
Species / Type Artificial Keronian
Occupation To Confess feelings to Natsumi
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Giropon is a character in Keroro Gunso. And he makes his only appearance in Giroro: The Man with Seven Faces de Arimasu


Giropon is one of the seven manifestations of Giroro's personalities.  He is known as "the one who lives for love". He appears to be one of the only versions of Giroro actually suited for a bit for action on the battlefield (Only Giroppe and Giroro are really ready for battle, while Giropon and Girorin have very low skills but can actually fight somewhat).  Although he never actually fault, he was able to successfully navigate through Giroro and Giroppe's fight--Natsumi in tow--without getting hit.  Giropon eventually merged back with the other Giroro manifestations into the original Giroro.


Giropon is the personality dedicated to Giroro's love of Natsumi.  He surfaced in the episode where Giroro splits into seven different personalities.  In the one and only episode he appeared in he constantly tried to approach Natsumi Hinata and even ran off with her at a critical moment.  He unknowingly humiliated her in front of Saburo when he challenged his feelings over Natsumi and he tried to attack Saburo.  Giropon was promptly fried by Saburo's defensive move, revealing his own nature as a joke character.  He was later seen tied up in Natsumi's room with Giroro, embarrassed, telling him "not to do anything funny to her".  After that, he is seen no more, having been absorbed again into the original Giroro.


  • Giroro dressed very similarly to Giropon.

    Giropon actually has appeared before in episode 49. When Giroro decided to change his look to try and impress Natsumi, he showed himself dressed very much like Giropon, except for a different colored bow tie, a different suit color, and different colored roses.
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