Giroro's Father
Keroro and Giroro's dads
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 143
Voiced by Jōji Nakata (Japanese)
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Giroro and Garuru's Father (ギロロとガルルの父 Giroro to garuru no chichi) is a character in Keroro Gunso. He is the father of Giroro and Garuru.


Just like his sons, Giroro's father is a Keron Army soldier and was allegedly a notable corporal (as mentioned in Episode 289). Not much information is given on him but he seems to bear somewhat of a harsh personality based upon Giroro's recollections of his behavior. Nevertheless, he is most likely proud that his son will keep on trying until Pekopon is conquered.

In the anime, he is usually seen with Keroro's Father. The pair often spends time together out drinking or visiting hot springs. They might have been good friends for a long time. During a certain Christmas Eve, they assisted Santa Claus in delivering gifts after meeting him in a hotsprings trip.

In the manga, however, due to Giroro only hearing about Keroro's father, not knowing him personally, and Keroro first meeting Giroro due to rumors about a frightening child, it seems unlikely that their parents are close.


His appearance is very close to Giroro's, but has a darker red color. His eye shape is similar to Garuru's, but with bright red eyes. He also has thick and long eyebrows as well as a long mustache. He wears a light green haramaki around his waist and a light-red bandana with a black skull symbol on his head, lacking a symbol on his belly similarly to his sons.

In one of the scenes of the promotional movie shown in episode 289A, he sports a look closer to his sons, wearing a double belt across his chest rather than the haramaki.


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