Giroro, The Man with Seven Faces de arimasu
Season +
Air date December 16, 2005
Previous episode: Episode 88
This episode: Episode 89
Next episode: Episode 90
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Giroro: The Man with Seven Faces de arimasu (ギロロセブンを持つ男は!であり新人 Giroro: Nana motsu otoko wa! De arimasu) is the 1st part of the 89th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.


Kururu has created a new machine called the"Lacking Nothing" Microwave oven, which brings out your inert powers.Keroro volunteers to try it out first, Tamama agreeing. Kururu hands Keroro an 'energy bullet', and has him stand in the Microwave oven. Keroro places the bullet onto a plate, and after spinning he comes out. It turns out that the energy bullet is a sweet potato and the real bullet is in the hands of Giroro. Giroro, thinking the bullet is a sweet potato. The Bullet reacts to the heat and soon Giroro is hit with color beams, causing an explosion. Natsumi, hearing the racket, goes to check on him, and sees that he split into 7 different Giroro's.

Giroro's multiple personalities

During an experiment to bring out the strongest personality from within, Giroro mistakenly sets off the "energy bullet" that was originally meant for Keroro. He split into 7 characters (including the original), one for each physical manifestation of his personality. This is a parody of Seven of Seven.

Giroppe - The evil Giroro. He is out to invade mercilessly. He is also incredibly fast and holds no affection for Natsumi.

Girorin - The fear-filled Giroro. Eventually, being tired of his cowardly self, he threw his stuffed bear aside and faced his fears head-on by battling Giroppe only to be defeated in one blow.

Girocchi - The housewife-like Giroro. He appeared in Natsumi's room, aptly dressed, serving snacks that were disgustingly inedible and hated, much to his sadness.

Girosama - The happy Giroro. He appeared with a fluffy shag cut, scarf, and yellow tinted sunglasses. He does nothing but smile and laugh.

Giroko - The poetic Giroro. He entered a poet contest on 623's radio station but before the winner was announced, Giroppe blasted through the door, destroying the radio.

Giropon - The loving Giroro. He questioned Mutsumi's intentions towards Natsumi and immediately attacks him, but was quickly defeated.

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