The Great Keron (グレートケロン Gurētokeron) is a giant robot mecha designed to defeat enemies.  It is designed and designated to each platoon, since destiny there is one Robo for each member of the Keroro Platoon and a mecha for Dark Keroro .

Keroro Robo Edit

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180px-Keroro Robo Mk. II

The Keroro Robo is the main robo driven by Keroro. It has a giant Gundam-style gun that it holds in its right hand. It is known for being the fastest moving and most smooth out of the bunch. It has had 3 models made. The second one is called Keroro Robo: Mach two and the third one is called Keroro Robo: Mach 3. The third Keroro Robo was driven by Giroro[1]. Mach 3's abilities are flight, being able to punch through rock and being able to shield against laser beams and heavy slashes. It can also transform into a full body model of Keroro and is able to withstand high levels of heat.

Giroro Robo Edit

The Giroro Robo has two missile arms and two long legs.

Tamama Robo Edit

L p1004883959

Tamama robo.

L p1005042552

Dororo robo.

Tamama's Robo has a beam gun on one arm and a missile launcher on the other.

Tamama attaches his speeder at the bottom of his Robo's head.

Dororo Robo Edit

Dororo Robo has a giant shuriken attached to his his right arm and a Ninja Sword on the other.

Kululu Robo Edit

Kululu's Robo has two giant arms with robotic pincers on the ends.

Kululu's robot has no feet.

Kululu's Robo also has a feature where his head detaches and produces a satellite.

KeroBine Edit

The "Kerobine" is where all five members and their robo's form a V-shape that turns into a giant Mecha.  Usually this is accompanied by all the members shouting "Lets...Kerobine!"

The giant Mecha has been seen battling Viper many times.  The robo also surprisingly battled Robobo and won.  This victory was short lived, however, because Shurara soon destroyed it in his rage.
L p1004883955

Kululu robo.

("Kerobine" is a wordplay on the word "combine.")


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