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Fuyuki holding Green in Episode 226.
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 226
Gender Undisclosed
Species / Type Extraterrestrial Sea Turtle
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Green is an alien sea turtle that appeared in Episode 226 of Keroro Gunso.

Backround Edit

The turtle first appears when Fuyuki finds it on the street as he is walking home in the rain. Fuyuki brings the turtle home and shows Natsumi, who takes an imidiate liking to it. Believing the turtle is from a tropical region, Fuyuki turns up the heat, much to Keroro's annoyance because he's too hot. Natsumi and Fuyuki decide to take care of the turtle themselves, and name the turtle "Green". Keroro wonders what could be so important about the turtle, with it turning out that the Green's species is going extinct, which is why its protected, as explained by Kururu. Deciding to get rid of the turtle from the Hinata residence, Keroro, Kururu, and Tamama sneak into Fuyuki's bedroom and find Green in a tank under his desk. Keroro handles the turtle by its antenna breaking it off in the process. Horrified, Keroro panics on what to do. Kururu explains that the turtle’s life depends on the anttena. Fuyuki enters his bedroom and asks Keroro What is going on. Keroro assures Fuyuki that eveything is fine.

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