Ph 02-8
First appearance Keroro Land Summer Edition
Voiced by (none)
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
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Hanana (ハナナ) is a Keronian.

In Anokoro Keroro Gunso, she is a member of T.A.S.T.


Being a plant Keronian, she loves flowers so much and collects them. She seems to be infatuated with Giruru. But in fanmades, she pairs with Yukiki instead.when she heard that the black stars where using chanana as a wepon,she wanted to become friends with her to keep her safe.Her keron mark talent is growing flowers.


Hanana is a flower based Keronian. She is a dark pink Keronian. she has pink eyes,but they can turn red when shess mad. She has a point above her mouth. She wears a large blue and orange flower on her helmet. Her tadpole tail is a leaf. Her symbol is a flower bud.


Hanana is a kind-hearted Keronian. she is loyal,hyper and playful,but also can get easily mad if one of her friends are in trouble.


Her name is derived from the Japanese word for flower, hana (花).


  • She loves Giruru. She often consults her powerful beloved for protection though this is often a burden for Giruru whom Hanana annoys and as a result, fails to return her feelings.
  • Nobibi is her older brother,acting playful around him as a result.
  • chanana loves hanana as much as hanana loves best friends,the two girls fight viper together


  • In fanmades, the reason for Hanana pairing with Yukiki is due to them being based on seasons; Hanana is based on spring while Yukiki is based on winter. Hannah's creator is a fan who loves flowers 
  • her flower on her helmet is kinda like a helocopter since it has the ability to help her fly 


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