Ph 02-8
First appearance Keroro Land Spring Edition
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Member of T.A.S.T
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Hanana (ハナナ) is a plant-based Keronian.

In Anokoro Keroro Gunso, she is a member of T.A.S.T.



Hanana is a hyper playful and kind-hearted Keronian, but can also can get easily mad if one of her friends are in trouble. Being a plant-based Keronian, she loves flowers very much and she collects them.[cite this]


Hanana is a flower based Keronian. She has dark pink skin, pink eyes that turn fiery red when she is mad, and typical tadpole markings save for a point above her mouth. Her tadpole tail is a leaf. She wears a sky blue hat with a large blue and orange flower adorned on top and yellow clips holding the flaps. Her marking is a five petal flower that is yellow on her hat and orange on her stomach.


  • She loves Giruru. She often consults her powerful beloved for protection though this is often a burden for Giruru whom Hanana annoys and as a result, fails to return her feelings.[cite this]


She can use the flower on her hat as a helicopter to fly. She also uses green flower shaped shurikens as weapons to take down her enimes when angry.[cite this]


Hanana's name comes from the word Hana (花) which mean Flower in English.


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