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Handsome Keroro Gunso Invasion Operation (ケロロ軍曹イケメン侵略大作戦 Keroro Gunsō Ikemen Shinryaku Sakusen) is the name of a collaboration of the Keroro Gunso franchise with Smiral, a merchandising label for their booth at the Anime Girls Festival 2019 in Ikebukuro. It consists of several products themed around the Keroro Platoon personified as handsome men, including an official doujinshi with sketches from series creator Mine Yoshizaki.

Artist Nekota[1] was in charge of the designs. Mine Yoshizaki only supervised the designs[2], unlike the previous official personifications, the Keroro Platoon Girl Type.


One day, Keroro's failures lead to running out of invasion funds. Reluctantly, Keroro proposes that they should turn into handsome men to earn money, using an invention that Kururu had secretly developed, the Handsome Weapon (眉目秀麗 Bimoku Shūrei Hō):Men are Calm and Virtuous Cannon (オトコハケッキョクヨユウトセイケツキャノン Otoko ha Kekkyoku to Seiketsu Kyanon)[3].

It's the start of the invasion of Ikebukuro (AGF) through the “Handsome Invasion Operation”. Can the Keroro Platoon grab the hearts of the maidens there...?![2]

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